>Writing in Circles

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  1. >Being the water — a friend and I were talking about this today. Not crossing the river, being the river. Serendipity. This friend said no matter how out-of-faith she gets, all it takes is one occasion of divine synchronicity to make her remember.Me? I've got a reticulated python I'm moving through time and space. And an evil twin. Y'all are into timebending and other miracles and I'm writing Days of Our Lives: Atlanta.

  2. >Laura, Switch, as in I write your story? No can do. Gilgamesh wants you. I can't do him justice. Or switch, as if switch problems. Nope. Dislike plotting problems. BUT I can brainstorm over email.

  3. >First, I'm not as deep as you. BUT I had a similar problem and had to stop work on my story. I want to pick the story again in the future, but now I'm haunted by the ghost of the old story.Not a day goes by that I don't revisit that story, try to fix it in my head. It's like time and narrative gets wrinkled and I can't smooth it out. It scares me that I created these characters and I can't get their story right. Because in some world, they are very real and waiting, stuck.

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