>…Now What, Mr. Bradbury???

4 thoughts on “>…Now What, Mr. Bradbury???”

  1. >All this techno-babble is changing our brains — our neurons don't know what to pay attention to. Soon we won't know HOW to pay attention. And by that time, we won't even have enough brain (or maybe even heart) to know what we've lost.I agree — great post.

  2. >"You don't even need to live your own life, just take pictures of it." Wow. And make sure everyone is posed and wearing coordinating outfits. Absurdity, irony, and cynicism are your friends. I haven't read Bradbury either. Yes, we should make a list of all the good books that make us literarily healthy that we haven't read. I, myself, read the Mountain Dew of the literary world.

  3. >Wow, my list would be insanely long. The Great Gatsby, Pride and Prejudice (though i did read the zombie version), War and Peace. My favorite thing to hear ever is…"Oh! There was a BOOK? I saw the movie!" Wow…Go You!

  4. >Wow, great post. We should have the society of Great Books We Never Read. God knows my list would be way long. And BTW: have you noticed the new chapter in March of The Morons? That's when, in real life, we find more and more people post reviews of books on Amazon that they openly admit they have not read!!!!

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