>Excerpt from my Untitled Novel about Gilgamesh

>Ea. Ninmah. Utu. NinSun. You’ve made Gilgamesh restless, so that ever he looks upon a moment that his heart anxiously seeks out the next. If he could he’d spread his body thin as air and blanket the whole world, and still it would not be enough for him, for his restlessness would push him outward and inward so that he could be the stars and the space between them and the hot core of magma beating like a heart inside the earth. Let him wait but this one moment. Let time stop but for one breath so that your son, Gilgamesh, may see my face and know I am real.

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I'm the author of two short story collections, a story cycle, and a collection of short memoirs. I am an educator, literary translator, journal editor, and writing coach.

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