>Babes in Literature

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  1. >What a great story! Thanks, Laura!As much as I'd like to be a hell goddess, I am reminded that sometimes the good girls win. Ariadne got suckered by that loser Theseus into saving his sorry life, then he abandoned her on an island. But once she was done spitting curses and throwing rocks, she hooked up with Dionysus, the God of Wine, Revelry and Ecstasy, that most ancient of ancient Gods. The Crown Prince of Pleasure. Meanwhile, Theseus went on to . . .Oh, who cares? He sux. Goddesses rock. Women rock. All that is female rocks. And the men who love us, god or otherwise, rock too. The moral of this story — don't settle. There's a big glorious full moon this weekend — be as big and glorious yourself.

  2. >You know what the problem is with these modern religions? A real dearth of wild sex and legions of the undead roaming lose upon the earth. Really when you think of it, one is reminded of Buffy tVS. Undead, hot sex, strong female characters.Abigail

  3. >What an awesome post. God, you're a talented, brilliant, profound, and insightful writer. When I die, I want to become a hell goddess like Ereskigal. And I'm sure she didn't miss that Dude of War and Pestilence while he was a lampshade. She had lots of sense. She was humping Good Looking and that guy whose name began with a D, provided it was his six months in that hedonist hell.

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