>Writing in Circles

>The idea that time travels circularly may not be indigenous to my brain, but it occurred to me as I was crafting my novel that I only had the major episodes fixed in my mind and that I was changing my character’s past present and future simultaneously as I was working on this part here … Continue reading >Writing in Circles

>More from Gilgamesh

>Gilgamesh doubts everything now. He doubts that he’s laying in a garden of gems and precious ores, that he’s running through meadows and shape-shifting, that he ever saw or heard gods. He doubts even that he lived, that he was a prince, that he ruled a city known as Erech. All of it is the … Continue reading >More from Gilgamesh

>What am I trying to say?

>by Susanna I have recently joined Twitter and signed on to follow various editors, authors, and reviewers. I check it every hour or so to make sure the world is still turning. It flows like a digital river of pop culture commentary. I’m beginning to understand the Native American idea of pictures stealing your soul. … Continue reading >What am I trying to say?

>Babes in Literature

>We, the feminist remainder of the equation, often like to brag that once upon a time societies were matriarchal, religions were goddess-based, and lineage was traced through mothers. However, whenever you ask anyone to give you a specific example in history, the answer is almost invariable, Errr… Hmmm. Let’s see. Juno? Hera? At most you’ll … Continue reading >Babes in Literature