Month: October 2008

>Chapter Five Continued — Susanna

>Dewayne lived in Uncle Jimmy’s old house. Merri knew this from some phone conversation with her mother–a casual, passing comment when Merri asked what was news in Sweetwater. Merri’s memory of Uncle Jimmy’s house was immobile, like a snapshot: long wooden slants, porch, tin roof, lake in the back. She couldn’t really remember the interior,…

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>Chapter Five — Tina

>The ride home was uncomfortable. The truck seemed to catch every pothole, every rut. Merri stared out the window. Dewayne kept his eyes on the road. “You can tell me about it,” she said. He didn’t reply. She sighed. “Fine. So don’t trust me, see if I care.” “Not about trust.” “What’s it about then?”…

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