>Chapter Three — Tina

>They chose a diner not too far from the University, a place that had the stone-ground grits that Merri remembered from her college days. Every country restaurant in Athens had grits, but these were creamy and slow-cooked and flecked with gold bits of corn. When they were seated at the little booth in the corner, … Continue reading >Chapter Three — Tina

>Chapter Two — Tina

>”It needs more cheese,” Della Beaugarden said, making a squinchy face. When she did that, the laugh lines at the corners of her eyes deepened, making her look even more like her own recently departed mother. She had salt-and-pepper hair clipped at her nape in a silver barrette, and bifocals perched on her forehead. She … Continue reading >Chapter Two — Tina

>Chapter One — Tina

>”Don’t trust ghosts,” Gram always said. “They’re stupid. Can’t even get being dead right.” Meriweather watched the clouds pass below, watched the silver wing spin contrails like will-o-wisps behind her. The man next to her snored robustly. At least she had this small slice of privacy — a window and the great blue yonder ahead, … Continue reading >Chapter One — Tina